SISTERS covers a range of subjects in the areas of Inspiration, Self, Family, Community, World, Homes, Looks, Tastes and a range of reader offers and competitions.

The magazine’s ethos is rooted in the Qur’an and Sunnah, according to the understanding of the Pious Predecessors, and our inspiration is Islam as a beautiful and richly rewarding way of life.

In this June Issue of Sisters:

Rediscover the legacy of Khadija (RA). Renew your mind and body in our new Wellness column. Rediscover the power of bonding between mom and baby. Renew your friendships post-marriage and rediscover your confidence. Rediscover the many purposes of the mosque in our exclusive mosaic, “The Community Mosque”.It’s all about renewal and rediscovery this June with SISTERS! Follow the stepping stones on the path to understanding the Qur’an. Discover the factors contributing to the death of a love of learning. SISTERS Reads and discusses the controversial Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom by Amy Chua. Don’t miss our fabulous selection of wraps and bags. Have allergies? Try our delicious allergy free banana cake.



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