Rebounding, the second novel of the Echoes series written by American Muslim author Jamilah Kolocotronis, explodes with revenge and revelation as the series’ main character, Joshua Adams, struggles with the painful echoes of his past and is confronted with frightening accusations of terrorist activity.

Joshua Adams’ father, Sam, abandoned his wife and children for another woman when Joshua was barely five months old. After 40 years of neglect, Sam shows up, wanting to reconnect with his sons. Joshua’s struggles with anger and resentment are inflamed by his father’s cruel remarks about Joshua’s bi-racial marriage. Words spoken in a moment of anger haunt Joshua as Sam seeks revenge and initiates a power struggle between the father and son. The struggle between father and son leads to Joshua’s arrest and imprisonment on charges of terrorism. He is degraded by guards and inmates because of his faith. His faith also sustains him. After his release, Joshua must decide how to respond to his father.

Jamilah Kolocotronis’ five book series chronicles the lives of Joshua Adams and his Muslim and non-Muslim family members living in Chicago-USA. “In the first book, Echoes, Joshua is a young man, dealing with the effects of bitterly divorced parents, a wild youth, his own disastrous teenage marriage, and guilt over his short-comings as a father,” Kolocotronis says. “The impact of his decision to convert to Islam has far-reaching impact on all his extended family members.”

Rebounding picks up the story when Joshua is forty, well-established and at peace with himself. “Of course, things change radically when his father comes back into his life,” Kolocotronis says, with a grin. Future books in the series will focus on Joshua’s brothers, children, and nephews. Kolocotronis’ epic family saga of despair, revenge, bitterness, hope, love, and faith takes its place alongside Roots, The Magnificent Ambersons, the Fortsyte Saga, and The Thorn Birds. It could be the story of any American family.



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