The publisher is introducing its first series of fictional narratives for Muslim youth. The objective of this particular series is to focus on the struggles of Muslim youth maturing in non-Muslim societies with a view to enhance the understanding of Islamic principles through the storytelling medium.

"As I read, I was drawn in by the plot, which addresses one of the most compelling yet often forsaken issues in the Muslim community. The story depicts a young Muslim American woman faced with one of the most difficult choices in life: to marry for worldly comfort or for Allah's pleasure. Young readers are sure to benefit from this captivating story, inshaAllaah. The characters are easy to relate to, as their struggles mirror those encountered by young Muslims in America and thus give confidence to Muslim American youth. This is definitely a must-read for all Muslim youth. I look forward to more books in this series." —Umm Zakiyyah, author of internationally acclaimed novel, If I Should Speak.




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