Zaipah Ibrahim, a Muslim born and raised in Terengganu,
Malaysia, is an English teacher. She was a graduate from Southern Illinois
University at Carbondale. She was an English lecturer (1990 – 2001) at Sultan
Zainal Abidin Religious College, Terengganu, Malaysia, presently known as UDM.
She now devotes her time running Fajr Library where she holds English tutorials,
writes books – Islamic novels and English books for young learners of

Her published works include:

Islamic Word Games (Book 1 & Book 2), self-published in 2001, is an effort to introduce basic Islamic
terminology in English to English speakers.

The word games are based on knowledge about Islamic teachings and practices.

The Gift Series, her first series of Islamic romance novel, was her effort to add to the existing Islamic novels written by
and for the Muslims, as well as non-Muslims.

The Gift, published in 2009 by Muslim Writers Publsihing (MWP), is about a mother’s last wish for her son – a gift of a new life.
The gift opens up buried unresolved pasts, hurts and wounds of two young people.
Accepting the gift leads them to finally come to terms and resolve their past live.
The gift that comes from a mother’s heart brings two people’s hearts together.

The Gift II – Timeless Love, soon to be published, narrates the story of a young woman who lives in a foreign land with her dreams and ambitions. Her life takes an unexpected turning when the person she loves and lives with has AIDS.

How does she confront such a life at her young age? Does a Muslim face AIDS any different than the non-Muslims? How do they perceive AIDS from the Islamic perspective?

She is currently writing The Gift III – Journey of  Love.


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