Yahiya Emerick is an American convert to Islam who has been active in the publishing community for several years.

He has authored over twenty-five books, including a modern-English translation of the Holy Qur’an, children’s fiction and textbooks for schools.

He holds an MA in education and a BA in history.  He has worked in schools of various types since 1992.

In the past two decades or more, Yahiya Emerick has authored and had published close to 3 dozen fiction and non-fiction books.

Yahiya Emerick has been a prolific author and has written many articles that have been published in local as well as national magazines, both in North America and abroad.

His newest Islamic fiction novel is titled, Layla Deen and the popularity contest.

His newest non-fiction is titled, A Journey through the Holy Qur’an.

Some of his published work includes:

What Islam is all about
Learning about Islam
Ahmad Deen and the Curse of the Aztec Warrior
Layla Deen and the Case of the Ramadan Rogue


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