Jamal Orme, a teacher by profession, completed his first novel The Victory Boys in 2011
The inspiration behind this story lay in his belief  that individuals can do great things when they work positively with the vast array of halal activities and opportunities at their fingertips, and whilst aspiring to consciousness of their Lord.

This work is a belated manifestation of Jamal’s enthusiasm and ideas that had begun to develop very early in his life, having produced numerous poetry anthologies for his own and his family’s entertainment at around the age of eight (most of which centered around the fictional adventures of his various cuddly toys…)

Jamal hopes to succeed in having a sequel to The Victory Boys published, InshaAllah, and to resurrect his poetry for a younger audience (ideally in collaboration with an illustrator far superior to himself!)

Jamal reverted to Islam in London, in 2002. He taught in mainstream UK schools in London, as well as two Islamic primary schools.

He has also worked as an education advisor in the United Arab Emirates.

His published work include;
Fiction Book: The Victory Boys

Contact information.
Email address: jambo0378@gmail.com
Web sites: http://thevictoryboys.com





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