By SUMA DIN                                        THE ISLAMIC FOUNDATION


“Turning the tide” is a compendium of a woman’s journey events from conception to death written by Suma Din.

Suma Din is an author of educational titles for the school sector. Her titles take a fresh look at faith for children, relating it to established school curricular. As well as writing articles on family and education, Suma teaches in Adult Education.

The chronological succession of this book “Turning the Tide”, makes it so easy to read and comprehend  as the author shows a detailed account of our purpose of existence and some of the ups and downs we face in order to fulfil this special purpose. She used adequate quotations from the Quran and the hadiths that points out the very meaning of these live events, what to do and how to go about it.

I took my time to read this book as it is not a book to be read at a sitting. This book helped raise a lot of questions and from this book as well, the answers were presented right before me. It is a book I really enjoyed reading and can confirm that it is a book for everyday.

The use of strong Myriad poetic Voices by the author makes it outstanding and unique. I especially love this part of the book and was always looking forward to what the voice had to say when I get to a new chapter. This is because of its practicality and also it seems all the time, the voice is replacing or representing my voice. My world is far from the author’s yet our voices are similar. The beauty of creation I concluded.

Though the book is presented in a good size, I would recommend it printed in a pocket size as this is not just a book to leave on the shelf after one time reading. It is a daily companion to take with you wherever you go as a constant reminder. There are lots of prayers in it. When the Iman(faith) is low, this is a book to consider looking at as it reawakens the spirit and reminds it of its purpose.

The title is targeted at women in particular. However, it deserves to be read by every teen and adult of both genders as the topics addresses human beings generally.

The latest release by Suma Din is a biography titled ‘Dr Hany El-Banna, A Servant to the world’s Poorest People’.


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