Muslim Teens in Pitfalls and Pranks

By Maryam Mahmoodian                                 Muslim Writers Publishing

“Muslim Teens in Pitfalls and Pranks” by Maryam Mahmoodian is two weeks in the lives of five teenagers. It focuses on the events that happen to these five characters and how those events change their lives.

The characters are Elham, Nur, Khalid, Ibrahim and Saad. There are other teen characters and adults (mainly their parents and teachers) but these five are the main characters.

Elham is being bullied at school by her non-Muslim classmates. Her teacher, Mrs. Falls takes part in these taunting and her principal turns a deaf ear to the situation. She is referred to as Sadam Hussein’s wife.

Khalid, Elham’s brother is harassed at his place of work and nearly injured when a bunch of “stupid” teenagers decided to attack him and his employer with fire crackers.

Ibrahim is tired of being invisible and unpopular. He wants to hang out with the popular crowd but there is a price to pay. He must date Christy, a cheerleader!

Nur, Elham’s friend and Ibrahim’s sister is without doubt sure that her older brother, Saad is turning into a terrorist and an extremist. She comes to this conclusion because her brother decides to grow a beard and his friends are Saudi Arabian. She also finds in her brother room a book on Arab Nationalism, a phone number with Saudi Arabia code and the initial OL. She believes OL stands for Osama bin Laden!

Find out the journey of these teenagers through the two weeks, how they respond to the world around them and the role the adults in their lives play.

I would recommend this book to teenagers between the age of thirteen and fifteen inclusive.

Maryam Mahmoodian is a second generation Muslim-American, born and raised in the US. Her father is from Iran, and her mother is American. She grew up reading such series as Nancy Drew and Trixie Belder. This is her first published book. She is currently a family physician in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she lives with her husband.



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