Boy Vs Girl 


Na’ima B. Robert                      Frances Lincoln Children’s Books


“Boy Vs Girl” explores a story of love and care shared by a brother, Faraz and sister, Farhana born six minutes apart.

They are very close siblings and they look out for one another.

They bring out the good in each other and support one another.

Ramadan is just around the corner and on top of their to-do list is to reconnect with Allah and
Islam as much as they possibly can but life has another plan for the teenage
twins. They both have life changing decisions to make.

This novel is very realistic and Na’ima B. Robert has outdone herself in conveying genuine
issues teenagers today face especially those who live in societies that are the
exact opposite to the Islamic ethos and teachings.

The strength of the two teenagers was tested at the novel’s climax. The novel is written in the
third person, which gives more insight and depth into the characters’ lives.

This novel deserves to be widely read by Muslim teenagers. I found it well-written with
thoughtful observation of lives lived under peer pressure and the urge to become “miss popular” and “big boy”.

A thoroughly inspiring and reflective novel. It can be easily related to and is recommended to all Muslim teens.

Na’ima B.Robert is a writer to watch now and in the future as she works to inspire the Muslim youth.

Other novels from Na’ima B.Robert are “From Somalia with Love” and “From My Sisters Lips”.


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